At Menwinnion Country House, as well as providing accommodation, meals, nursing assistance and social & personal care; we also organise and encourage social activities and individual hobbies and interests. At Menwinnion, we encourage our residents to do chores around the home. Even the simplest of tasks can do wonders for a persons self-esteem and confidence making them feel needed and at home.

We aim to give our residents a chance to lead independent and fulfilling lives through the acquisition or maintenance of knowledge and skills. Our lounges are available for the use of our residents at all times, either for the pursuit of individual interests (reading, sewing, painting and much more (we also have a comprehensive collection of books, games, DVDs and a piano) - or for socialising, conversation, card games or events from our extensive programme of activities, clubs and entertainment.

Your Right to Vote in all elections: We ensure that you are registered and get a postal vote if you choose not to vote in person. Some of our residents are or have been very politically active and still enjoy political debates within the home.

Religious Services: Our local clergy conduct several forms of service within the home and we make use of our piano to accompany hymns (please see our Events@Menwinnion page and the residents Notice Board for the latest dates and times). Please ask us to assist in arranging visits from any religious denomination that you require.

Privacy: Our Clematis Lounge can be pre-booked for private family meetings or for special occasions. Please phone or email.

Unlike most Care Homes we employ a full time activities co-ordinator.

They run a varied programme of activities and entertainment including Bingo once week (we try to get rid of it but it keeps coming back by popular demand!), Arts & Crafts, Cards & Board Games and even (seated) volley ball with a big soft ball specially designed to provide exercise and fun. Our Co-ordinator plans a varied mixture of old and new ideas, mostly all inclusive, but often targeted at physical or capacity needs to ensure that all residents have fun, stay active and enjoy themselves.

Most Thursdays we sit round to read and discuss local stories from the Cornishman newspaper.

At Menwinnion we help our residents to help themselves. We encourage you to team up and form clubs and societies. We have the Sunday Night Movie Club, Gardening Club, Art Club, Scrabble Club, Book Club and we encourage our Residents Association to meet weekly. As we age it's important to still feel needed. For this reason we encourage our residents, whatever their capacity, to do jobs and chores around the home such as lay the tables, put out the Menu Cards and fold napkins. Our activities organisers run a varied programme of activities and entertainment including Exercise, Dance, Music Therapy, Bingo, Arts & Crafts, Cards & Board Games. We also have visiting entertainers including an organist and singer.

Our recent renovations, extensions and upgrades have enabled us to introduce both an outdoor and indoor exercise route suitable for both walking and wheelchair users. The outdoor route takes advantage of our in / out drives whilst remaining within range of the "emergency call" pendants, so even a private walk can be safe.

Residents have recently formed the Footie Club and never miss a Big Match (football, rugby, cricket and motorsport) on our new wide screen TV. Keep an eye on our residents Notice Board for the next match and all other daily activities.

There is always plenty to do, new friends to meet and new things to try!

Most importantly, never forget our philosophy that life should be FUN!!!

care home minivan

Our minivan helps our residents enjoy local events and facilities
Residents' Activities Programme - A Typical Week
Monday 10:30 - Games Morning
14:00 - Bingo
Tuesday 10:30 - One to One Activities
14:00 - The weekly excursion
Wednesday 10:30 - Manicure
14:00 - Movie Afternoon
Thursday 10:30 - Catch Up with the Cornishman
14:00 - Lets Bake
Friday 10:30 - Flower Arranging
14:00 - Decorate our Bakes
Saturday ---
Sunday ---